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sehun’s birthday countdown! -> 140412

happy 21st birthday, to my most beloved sehun!! 

you’ve grown so so well in the past year and i can’t believe how fast time flies!

i love you so so soooo much and i honestly have no idea how i’m going to express this cause you are worth much much more than just words to me. you were my ultimate bias ever since history and will still be forever. 

there’s an infinite number of reasons why i’m so in love with you but i’ll start off with your smile. i know this sounds cheesy but i can’t help smiling every time i see you smile! the way your eyes just suddenly turn into crescents and how you never hold back your adorable laugh. your laugh is so genuine and i can tell how much fun you’re having and it just brightens my day from seeing you enjoy yourself. you also have the most beautiful and perfect features. your eyelashes which are long and dark, and eyes so clear and shiny they convey an innocence. your cherry lips, which are slightly in a pout. your jawline, which is sharp enough to cut somebody hehe. your tall and slender nose, your eyebrows, your teeth, the scar on the side of your face, and the adorable mole on your neck. there’s so much more i can say about your appearance but i think flawless would be the best way to describe you. 

but what i love about you the most is how much you care for all your members. your love is so genuine and pure even though it may not look like it at times. it made me realize just how young and innocent you really are and how sincere you were about wishing for you and your members to stay together forever during the talk show. watching you cry and seeing that rare side of you was definitely how you stole my heart.

do you still remember your showcase? even though it may seem like such a distant memory, i can still remember clearly as if it had just happened yesterday. the way you introduced yourself as exo-k’s maknae oh sehun, and then shyly bowed your head.  do you still remember the times when your adorable bowlcut covered your eyes? posing in mirrors with baekhyun after showering? two years have passed since then, but you’re still  the same adorable boy with the loudest laugh and the biggest smile.

your popularity has grown so much since then and i’m so proud to be one of your fans and i will always cheer for you until the end. 

anyways, i hope you have a wonderful birthday! i’ll always support you in everything you do and good luck with your comeback on the 17th! anyways, i’m sorry if this was too cheesy and made you feel like throwing up but this was the best way i could spill my heart out to you so;;; once again, happy birthday and i love you <3.

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turn ons:

  • suho
  • suho’s bleached hair
  • suho’s bleached eyebrows
  • suho’s money
  • suho’s no limit titanium credit card

turn offs:

  • baekhyun

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